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Value added service.


At Kangaroo Logistics we just don’t move boxes, We handle shipment’s efficiently and do everything possible to ensure our customer gets peace-of-mind on every deliveries that we do, We support our Logistics ( Freight Forwarding) services with Value additions and offers wide range of customized Value-Added Services, such as..
  • Labelling
  • Re-Packing
  • Palletisation / De-Palletisation
  • Order Management
  • Cargo & Freight Insurance
  • Others upon request
  • Labelling : At KLPL, we do all types of labelling, which includes pallet/ carton & inner carton labelling etc.
  • Re-Packing : Our services for Re-Packing includes from bulk packaging into customized packaging in order to maximize the efficiency of the package and improve the overall distribution experience Doing so strategically results in lower shipping costs and improved safety during the transportation process.
  • Palletisation / De-Palletisation : Our Portfolio of Value-added services includes Palletisation & De-Palletisation as per need of cargo and customer requirements, our services are designed for safe loading and unloading of the products and preventing shipment from possible damages & easy handling.
  • Order Management : End to end – order Management, services that can delight customers with a streamlined process and faster deliveries. When you employ KLPL as a trusted partner, you can increase your efficiency in handling operations in economical way.
  • Cargo & Freight Insurance : It’s always important to ensure that Cargo & Freight is insured to cover all possible damages, KLPL Team helps in finding coverage against physical damage or loss of goods during shipping, For all modes of transport – Land, sea or air. we help in finding the right insurance.
  • Others upon request : We listen to our customers & understand their requirements to provide customise tailor made solutions to optimise the supply chain of our clients.